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Despite years of investment, there are still too many dead ends, broken links and black holes preventing companies from delivering the world-class service their customers expect. This is particularly true of the field service edge, where poor visibility and a lack of understanding means businesses don’t feel in control of the last mile of their supply chain.

This loss of control leads to missing parts, delayed jobs and increased costs, all of which result in broken SLAs and fractured customer relationships.

ByBox’s Edge3 is different, we provide end-to-end visibility and control of inventory to the field service edge in real-time, whether that’s securely delivering a critical part to an engineer for collection near the point of service or offering a complete understanding of stock levels and surplus to the field service edge.


Understand, manage and optimise every aspect of your field service inventory management – from controlling inventory through to last-mile delivery and collection.

Our offering is built on three simple, yet powerful capabilities

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Unisys Case Study

Unisys deliver secure digital solutions and technological innovation to businesses and governments around the world. Built on over 145 years of game-changing innovation, the Unisys mission is to deliver successful outcomes for the most demanding businesses. We helped Unisys boost engineer productivity levels and improve their returns process by using our secure locker network and […]

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Kelly Fleet Services Case Study

Kelly Fleet Services deliver a one-stop fleet management solution. They purchase, manage and maintain all fleet in-house including the servicing, maintenance, repairs, weekly logistics scheduling and reporting. We helped Kelly Fleet Services improve scheduling and boost SLA performance. This has allowed them to schedule engineers based on availability and reduce the stress of allocating work.

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Premier Inn site host case study

Premier Inn is the UK’s largest hotel brand with 800 locations across the UK, Ireland and Germany. ByBox are currently carrying out a UK-wide locker installation programme at Premier Inn sites, targeting an initial 100 sites with the potential to make Premier Inn one of our largest UK host partners.

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