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With the ever-growing demand for ultra-fast internet connections whether, 5G or fibre-optic infrastructure, meeting and exceeding your customer expectations puts you in the best position to take advantage of industry growth. It’s critical that you take advantage of technology that will help you increase performance and customer loyalty, meeting tight SLAs, and maintaining the highest First Time Fix Rate (FTFR) possible.

“Since introducing ByBox we’ve saved 9% on our fuel emissions and 9% on the mileage engineers drive each year. We have also increased workforce utilisation by 6%.” Head of Service Operations (NRTS), Telent.

What if you could promise your customers the best SLA in the industry, and meet it?

The good news is you can. Most companies are struggling with visibility and access to inventory closer to the field service edge. If you were to implement a solution you could store critical parts at or near the customer site, it would be a game-changer. Much like the innovation behind 5G, ByBox had the foresight to recognise where field service organisations were missing the mark and created a solution to solve this problem and many more.

Addressing the top challenges in field service

One of the biggest challenges identified within field services teams is aligning the organisation¹. Three major factors that fall into this category, spare parts, supply chain, and customer satisfaction. ByBox is the first to offer visibility, intelligence, and security by adding secure inventory locations either at or near your customer site. By adding the ByBox Edge3 solution to your tech stack, you can fix the spare part and supply chain issues that you are experiencing in the final mile and keep your customers happy so they don’t start searching for a new provider.

Helping Vodafone keep the University Hospital of North Tees connected

In challenging times, offering a great field service experience can make a big difference.

Vodafone’s support for North Tees Hospital is one such example. Locating and delivering a critical part enabled a field technician to make a vital difference, keeping North Tees Hospital connected during the Covid19 pandemic.

Watch Vodafone’s story here (watch with the sound on for the best experience.)

The telecommunication industry is driving the future, meaning you will have more competition than ever before. Choose to:

Be a leader

Better serve your customers

Grow your field service organisation

Transforming to a new process is easy, and the benefits empower your field service team for success.

  • Keep or deliver critical parts at secure locations at or near the customer site so that you can eliminate expensive overnight delivery costs.
  • Engineers collect their parts from secure locations.
  • You will also know exactly who has picked up the part(s), when the pickup took place, and which part was collected through the easy-to-use app.
  • The engineer completes their jobs for the day and any return parts are placed back in the secure location for collection or the next job.

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